ICGBV Approach to In-Country Collaboration

Ensuring that target populations are safe requires us to think about GBV in a holistic manner. For the ICGBV this means that there is a need to build the capacity of personnel, partners and field staff.

Through years of working together in Ireland the ICGBV members have benefited greatly from being able to learn from each other’s experience of working to prevent, reduce and respond to GBV.

In the creation of the ICGBV Strategic Plan 2017- 2020, a priority was placed on supporting collaboration between Member Organisations in country is a priority for the ICGBV.

Meeting this goal requires the creation of in-country networks to promote shared learning and collaborations to further support local empowerment and programming. These in country collaborative networks have begun to take place in Malawi and Sierra Leone and have included, among other things, establishing mediums in which member organisations can effectively document the impact of their GBV programming, creating opportunities for joint capacity building, and creating opportunities for members to collaborate in raising GBV issues at all levels of their society.

Shared peer and technical learning is encouraged at HQ and field level in order to improve GBV programming. Specific objectives to meet this goal include exchanging knowledge between members on programming and learning and making way for opportunities for joint research at programming, policy or advocacy level.